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Experts will debate at MeetingPack 2015 about the barrier materials and packages for food

Next 25th and 26th of February 2015, the second edition of MeetingPack will be held, an event which is being consolidated as an international meeting point among the manufacturers of equipments and packages for food and related industries. It is specialized in barrier materials and packages and will be held in the frame of Camara Valencia.

  • The main topics of this new edition are innovations in materials and barrier packaging, new packaging systems, the latest manufacturing processes, active and intelligent packages, legislative and technological innovations and facing the open discussion about the paper of the package to reduce food wastes. 

In its second edition, the event is being consolidated as an international meeting point among professionals of the material sector, packages manufacturers and professionals of the food industries who demand them. It is specialized in the innovation area, focused on materials and packages which improve the preservation of food. 

As a result of the alliance between AIMPLAS and AINIA, the next edition will be focused on topics such as worldwide innovations and trends in barrier materials and packages, manufacturing processes and packaging systems. In addition, their utilities to conserve and extend the shelf-life of food will be shown.

The new social challenges and consumer trends, which determine the new needs in the producer industry, distributor and food commercialize, force also to deal with the innovations and new technological solutions by materials and equipments manufacturers. Therefore, the last applications in active and intelligent packages, the new packages which allow to reduce food wastes, or materials that comply with the tougher normative in food contact materials and packages will be topics for debating and consider in the meeting.

If in its previous edition MeetingPack reached 200 attendees and a dozen of sponsors of national and international brands, in this edition it is expected to overcome this number due to the international reinforcement of the event regarding speakers, sponsors and attendees. It is expected more than 300 attendees, since it is the only worldwide event specialized in barrier materials and packaging which gather the whole value chain.

With an organization focused on the promotion of the networking and the change of solutions and needs, the meeting, that lasts 2 days and is divided into 8 specialized thematic sessions, will aim to stimulate this networking. It will be completed with a space to expose recent developments and progresses of the different application fields of barrier materials and packaging, equipments and manufacturing processes and packaging systems.


The MeetingPack 2015 joint organization is framed within the strategic alliance between AIMPLAS and AINIA in order to offer global solutions to plastic, packaging, food and similar industries. A cooperation which generates a large technological potential and becomes it into a top level European referent in the packaging sector, since it offers technological support, in terms of plastic packaging, to all the value chain.

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